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December, 2012

Generate Random Password using php

password security

A highly secure password is the simplest way to protect your online accounts and other information. Here is how to make a simple password suggestion tool in php which generates random password making it difficult to guess.

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Shutter – Advanced screenshot tool for Linux

Shutter icon

Shutter is an advanced but light weight screenshot and annotations tool in Linux. It provides a number of features and options to customize screenshot. Here is how you can install and use it in your Linux system

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GParted Live


GParted Live is a debian based live Operating System whose main feature are its partitioning and recovery tools. This OS is the final word for all your partitioning requirements.

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virustotal – free online virus scanner

Virustotal logo

Virustotal is an online scanner utility which can be used to scan suspicious files and url for viruses and other malwares like worms, trojans etc.

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Installing MySQL server in linux

MySQL installation and Running

MySQL is the most common and widely used free and opensource database management system. Here is how you can install and run it on your Linux System.

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CKEditor – rich text editor for the web


CKEditor is an advanced, highly configurable Rich Text Editor for the web. Here is how you can Install, add plugins and configure it so as to meet your requirements. It provides html output for the edited text.

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How to Password Protect a web Directory

password security

Using a password to lock a web directory is the simplest way to protect it from unauthorized access. Here is how you can protect a web directory using htaccess and htpasswd file.

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Back Track – Highest rated Penetration Testing Distribution

backtrack linux

Back Track Linux is a high rated security distribution of Linux which is commonly called as Hackers OS. It has a lot of hacking and Cracking tools, network analyzers, scanning tools installed in it for real world penetration testing and hacking experiments.

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How to Install and Run Apache web server in Linux.

apache icon

Apache is the most popular free and Opensource web server used. Here is how you can install it in your Linux system and setup a localhost to test your web pages before publishing it to the web.

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