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How to add custom project folder in Eagle Control Panel.

Eagle IconEagle is one of the best electronic CAD software for Linux users. The free version of Eagle permits auto-routing and its large library support makes it the best electronic CAD software. Usually in the control panel of eagle, the default example project directories are displayed. In most cases it would be more convenient and more accessible if the project files are stored in custom folder locations other than the default location. Here is a simple way to add your own project directories to the Eagle Control Panel.

Eagle CAD control panel

The default Control panel is shown above. The above screenshot shows the state when no project have been created. i.e. it is a freshly installed Eagle CAD software. When a new project is created, the new project will be automatically created in the default project directory. But if we want the same project to be opened in multiple platforms ( say Linux and Windows), then that will be a problem because the Linux file system is not accessible from Windows. So it will be convenient to store them in a drive which can be accessed from both operating system.

In order to add custom project directory, select the “Directory” options from the “Options”menu.

Options -> Directory

Eagle control panel options

The resulting dialog box will display the list of customizable directories.

Eagle Directories

As you can see the option enables you to select custom folder for libraries (Directory for .lbr files containing component information), Design Rules (contains .dru files which contain rules to be followed while designing PCB), User Language Programs, Scripts, CAM jobs, Projects.

Multiple folders can be added, but they have to be separated by a colon. Since here we are targeting to add custom project directory, we should select the input area corresponding to the Projects and click on the browse button to browse to your folder or type in the path of the folder where you want to store custom design projects.

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3 Responses to “How to add custom project folder in Eagle Control Panel.”

  • hifinut says:

    This worked great. I can keep all files for specific project grouped together in other places, instead of having the PCB files all in the Eagle directory. Appreciate that SparkFun takes the time to publish these great hints.

  • saif says:

    how to add this network directory smb://my-pc-name/workspace/
    which contains colon. I really needed to add a networked folder.
    eagle is trying to separate this into smb and //my-pc-name/workspace/.

    • Administrator says:

      The colon will confuse Eagle for sure, but I think this might work (no guarantee).
      The escape character for eagle is two back slashes (“”). Try it before the colon and see if it works.
      If it doesn’t work, I am sorry, but I will get back to you with a working solution (if there is any) as soon as possible.

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