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Add Google search to search engine list of Firefox in Linux Mint

The default search engine for firefox in all operating systems is usually Google, but in the case of Linux Mint, due to some revenue sharing issues (which I am not sure of), the firefox in the Linux Mint is not configured to search in google by default. Here are some step by step instructions provided on how to add google to the search engine list of Firefox in Linux Mint.

By default the search engines available in linux mint are Yahoo, Startpage, DuckDuckgo, Amazon and Wikidedia

search engine list - linux mintTo add search engines click on the Change Search Settings on the dropdown that appears when clicking in the search icon on the search box.

change search settingsIt will open a search options preferences window

search option preferences windowThere you will find a link “Add more search engines” at the bottom of the window which will take you to the search engine list link.

Another easy method for Linux mint users is to go directly to the link

In the above page go to the bottom portion where you can see a list of icons of commercial search engines available for Linux Mint

search engine listClick on the google icon, which will take you to a page which says “Google in Linux Mint“. Now clicking on the dropdown of search engines in the searchbox will display “Add Google” option.

add google to search engine listThis will add Google to the search engines list, but it will not be your default search engine. To make google your default search engine, go to the Search engine preferences window and change the default search engine settings to google.

making google thedefault search option in firefoxThis will set the default search engine of Firefox to Google.

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