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How to add “Open in Terminal” to Nautilus options?

Ubuntu comes with its default file manger Nautilus. By default the “Open in Terminal” option don’t appear in the folder. This is a very useful feature as it lets you open any folder in terminal directly by visually navigating to it and without using cd command.

default dropdown menu

The screen shot above is the default set of options you get when you right click on any folder.

To add “Open in Terminal” to this option you will have to install ┬ánautilus-open-terminal extension for Nautilus. To install it just type in the following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

This will install the extension but in order to make this option active you will have to restart nautilus.

To restart nautilus you can just use the following commands in order.

killall nautilus

The above commands kills any nautilus instance running on the system. You can then initiate nautilus by typing in nautilus in the command box you obtain when you press Alt+F2.

This will activate the open terminal extension to nautilus.

drop menu with open in terminal

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