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HJSplit – Free File Splitting Tool


HJSplit is a free file splitting tool that can be used to split media files and also to join them. It has a very simple interface and is supported in all popular platforms.


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Avast – Free Antivirus for Linux

Avast Icon

Avast Linux Home Edition is a free antivirus for Linux or Unix systems that offers high performance and detection rates.


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Securely delete your files using FileKiller.

Securely Delete file

FileKiller is a simple application that can be used to securely delete a file or a group of files and makes the deleted data unrecoverable.


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UNetbootin – Live USB creator

UNetbootin is a portable light weight free software that allows you to create bootable live USB drive of your favorite linux distribution.


Process Hacker – Multipurpose Process Viewer

Process Hacker

Process Hacker is a multipurpose process viewer. This tool could assist you with debugging, system monitoring, malware detection etc. It is an extremely superb, feature packed piece of software that can be used to manage processes and services running on your computer. When compared to the task manager in windows, which is the common process […]


Angry IP Scanner – Network Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

IP Scanner is a very fast, simple network scanner which scans for ip addresses and ports in a network and finds out the alive host and open ports.


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Netcut – Tool to control your network


NetCut is a simple but powerful network monitoring tool that can be used to switch on or off internet connection to any device connected in the network. It has got many advanced features other than this.


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