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ClamWin Free antivirus for Windows

clamwin antivirusClamWin is a free and opensource anti-virus program for Windows operating system. ClamWin is free and opensource and is based on ClamAV scanning engine. ClamWin anti-virus comes with a very simple easy to use interface. The clamwin features  high detection rate for viruses and spyware. It has got  scanning scheduler that enables the user to schedule the scanning of the system. Virus database updates are regularly available ensuring that you stay up-to date with the latest threat (virus) database. It also has an addin to Microsoft Outlook which helps to remove infected attachments from the Outlook automatically.Clamwin Anti-Virus

Once the ClamWin is installed in your system you can scan any file or folder by right clicking them. ClamWin Anti-virus The major advantage of this anti-virus software is that it is comparatively small in size and so it consumes very less disk space and it will not consume much system resources as it lacks a real-time scanner. The scanner while scanning files do not consume much resources and finishes the scanning process quickly without overloading the system. The major disadvantage of this anti-virus software is that it lacks the real-time scanner, so this anti-virus do not provide real-time protection i.e. this antivirus software can be used only to scan suspicious files and manually scan the memory and find virus infection within the files or if some viruses are running in the memory.This makes it not suitable for the beginners. Each suspicious file and folder have to be manually scanned before executing them so that you stay protected.

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