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How to copy SAM file.

Windows HackThe SAM (Security Accounts Manager) file in windows is such an important file in windows Operating System. As the name suggests it is concerned with the security in Windows Operating Systems. This file contains users password in encrypted hash (LM hash and NTLM hash) format. The SAM file is a partially encrypted file using a SYSKEY. It will be a great advantage for hackers if they get a copy of this file (and the necessary tools to crack SAM, most of them are paid 🙁 ) to crack your password.

The SAM file is located on your windows system in the following path.


Another location where a backup of the above file is kept is


It is impossible to copy this file from your system when the system is running. You will get the following error warning if you try to copy SAM file to another location.

sam copy

This error occurs only when the system is running on any of the Windows Operating Systems. So the hack is to copy the SAM file from a different Operating System.

The tools required to perform this task is

  1. Any Linux Operating System that supports live booting, like Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint etc..(iso image file can be obtained from their corresponding websites)
  2. Burn the above distribution to a CD or any Disc. If you do not want to waste a Disc for it,you can temporarily install this operating system on a USB drive using tools like UNetbootin.
  3. Now Insert this disc into the system or plug in the USB into the system and boot into the live distribution.
  4. From the Live Distribution you will be free to access any drive in the system and will be able to copy any file (including SAM) to any location you like.

why should I copy sam?

Now you may have a question in mind why should I copy the SAM file with great difficulty. Well the answer for that is, This method is not to copy your SAM but to have a copy of some one else’s SAM file so that you can crack it for his passwords.

Another major advantage of this method is that you will be able to access any folder (like Administrator folder) where the access is restricted for other users and copy or modify or do what ever you like in those folders. You can even delete some of his system files (the other guy is never going to forgive that) and do serious damages to his or her system.

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