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Disable start-up programs to help windows boot faster.

A lot of programs in the start-up while booting windows will reduce the start-up performance of the system and it will take a long time for the windows to be functional, i.e. the booting time of the windows operating system will increase. This increase in booting time can be reduced by disabling some programs at the start-up. It can be done as follows.

In the “Run” console ( the “Run” console can be obtained by pressing Windows key + R in windows), type “msconfig.exe” and press “OK”.Disable start-up progrmsIn Windows 7 the “msconfig.exe” can be directly run by typing msconig.exe in the search field in the start menu.

disable startup program

Now the System Configuration window appears. This window will provide options to disable running processes and services and enable or disable any program at startup and much more. What we need is to disable startup programs so select the “Startup” tab in the System Configuration window appeared.System  ConfigurationNow uncheck the programs that you don’t want to load at startup and press “OK”. The programs once denied from startup can be included again by checking the check box and pressing “OK”. Once you have done this, the changes you have made will take effect from the next restart.

Even when you disable all the startup programs, it will not do any harm but make sure that you only disable unnecessary program from startup. The list will also contain antivirus programs and other driver patches running, make sure that you don’t disable them.

The above method is just one of the methods to improve the startup performance of the system. This method is not very effective in improving the startup performance if startup programs are not the cause for the lag of your system. The above mentioned procedure is ineffective against viruses loading at the statup since they donot show up in the startup list.

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