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Securely delete your files using FileKiller.

Securely Delete fileFileKiller is a very simple, free and opensource application that can be used to securely delete files on your drive. In the ordinary delete, it leaves behind tracks of the file in the disc and that data still remains on the disc until it is overwritten by some other data. That deleted file can be recovered later using recovery software’s and that could result in security issues if you are planning to sell your drive to someone, since they can recover your personal files.FileKiller is a simple, light weight and very fast application that can be used to completely remove files and traces from the system without leaving any tracks. FileKiller does this by overwriting the file to be deleted with random data, n number of times where the random data and the number of times (n) the files need to be over written can be specified by the user.

The interface of the FileKiller is very simple and easy.Securely delete filesthe files to be be deleted can be selected using the open dialog box that appears when “Select file” button is pressed and the software will show the path of the files to be killed in a grid. The user can make the choices like the number of times the file need to be over written (Delete Iterations) and the type of data that has to be used to overwrite the files. It can be random data or blank or a specific Ascii value.

Once you make your options and press the “Kill files on the Grid >>” button it will delete your file and overwrite it with the data you specify, the number of Delete Iterations you specified.

The main use of these software’s that delete data entirely from the disk is that it prevents the file recovery software’s from retrieving your files or data. It is commonly used to cover your tracks i.e. it prevents even the forensic experts from tracking out that you had such a file in your system.

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