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GParted Live

gpartedAre you unable to partition your system drives due to immovable files. Or unable to resize the partitions using the default Disk Management tool in windows.

The solution for all your partitioning issues is a live bootable distribution like Gparted Live. GParted Live is a Debian based live distribution. This live distribution features the partition editor GParted. GParted is the front end of the official Gnome Partition Editor. Therefore the main application of GParted Live is its partition editor and recovery tools. This live disc features applications that are extremely useful in Parttioning your disks, recovering your lost partitions and to take partition backup.

The applications present in Gparted Live are.

mlterm – The terminal emulator
fsarchiver – File system archiver and restorer
partimage – Tool to Backup partitions into a compressed image file
testdisk – Tool to recover lost or deleted partition
gpart – The data recovery tool that can be used to recover lost msdos partition tables
pcmanfm – The graphical file manager
Midnight Commander (mc) – Text based file manager
leafpad – Text editor (graphical)
nano – Text editor (text based)
vim-tiny – Enhanced vi text editor
parted – Partition table editor
fdisk – MSDOS partition table editor
sfdisk – MSDOS partition table editor, useful to save/restore partition table to/from a file
gdisk – GPT partition table editor (command line based)
sgdisk – GPT partition table editor also useful to save/restore partition table to/from a file
gptsync – GPT and MSDOS partition tables synchronization tool useful for Mac OS X users
openssh – Secure shell (ssh) connectivity
netsurf – web browser

The Live distribution can be loaded by inserting the disk into the drive and restarting the system.

grub menu of gpartedThe snapshot above shows the Grub boot menu when you you boot the live CD.

After you have chosen to load GParted Live with default settings, you will be asked for a few configuration settings.

gparted configuration options

gparted configuration

After the configurations are made and you have entered the Startx mode, then you will see a desktop as shown below.

GParted Desktop

The Desktop presents shortcut to basic tools like GParted, Network Configuration, Display Settings, Terminal, web browser etc. Other tools can be accessed via command line.

GParted Live is the simplest, easiest and the most effective solution for all your partitioning issues and needs. It provides a number of tools that have prooved effective in Disk Partitioning, partition backups and restore etc. Its small size makes it extremely handy and it can be installed on a USB drive or into a harddisk.

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