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HJSplit – Free File Splitting Tool

HJSplitHJSplit is a free file splitting tool that can split media files as well as join and compare two files. The main purpose of this little piece of tool is to split and merge media files. It supports almost all popular platforms and is also highly portable. This software is extremely helpful when we need to split a large video file into many smaller ones so that it can be mailed or when a large should be spliced into many smaller ones so that it can be uploaded into online backup services or burned into CD’s or DVD’s. It has got very simple interface which enables even the newbies to easily use this software.

In Linux this software can be simply started by using a simple command or by simply double clicking the file “hjsplit”. To open it from terminal navigate to the directory in which the file is present using the “cd” command

cd <path of directory in which hjsplit is present>

then type ./hjsplit in terminal to start HJSplit from the terminal.

for this to work you must first change the permission o the files to executable by using the following command.

chmod +x hjsplit

or by right clicking on the file and from the “Properties” option select the “Permissions” tab and check the check-box saying “Allow executing file as program”. You will have to do this only once.

In windows the program will be a .exe file and you can start it by simply double clicking it. This software require no installation which makes it highly portable, both in linux and windows.


File Splitting with HJSplit

It is very simple to split a file using HJSplit.

Splitting files with HJSplit

Specify the input file location of the file by browsing to the file location by clicking the “Input file” button.  The output file location and its name will be specified automatically (It will be better not to change it). The output file size can be specified in Megabytes, KiloBytes or in Gigabytes. The number of splitted output files depend on the size you specify ( Number of files = total size of file / size of file you specify).The splitted files will end with .001, .002… extensions.

Joining Files using HJSplit

Joining files with HJSplit

Joining the splitted files using HJSplit is also very simple. Specify the location of the file wit extension .001 and make sure that all the rest of the files are also in the same directory. The program automatically detects the remaining files and combines them to a single file.

This software is used mainly to split huge media files into smaller files and recombine them in case you are trying to mail it or backup your files to an online service where there is a limitation for the maximum size of the file to be upoladed. This program cn be used to split any files but it will not be a good idea to split executable binaries using this program.Download HJSplit

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