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How to Install and Use Gnome Tweak Tool in Linux

Gnome 3, the latest modernized desktop environment, rewritten from scratch has now presented with a stylish option for Linux lovers. So a simple tool is required to configure the Gnome 3 in ways that the user wants it to behave. The Gnome Tweak Tool provides this option for the Gnome 3 lovers and presents with options to manage further install additional extensions to Gnome. But the problem s that most of the common desktop editions did not come with this tool installed. We have to manually install it in our system. Here is how you can install this little tweak tool into your system.

Installing Gnome Tweak tool in Ubuntu

If you have installed Gnome 3 in Ubuntu or similar Debian based systems like Linux Mint or Back Track or something else, then you need to follow the following procedures to install it onto your system.

First you have to add the repository to your apt database.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing

then update the repository information

sudo apt-get update

Now install the Gnome Tweak Tool using the install command

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool


Installing tweak tool in Fedora is much easier since it already has Gnome 3 installed in it. So the easier part is that you don’t have to do anything with the repository information. Just type in the following command and it will be automatically installed in your system.

sudo yum install gnome-tweak-tool

After the installation is done we can see that “Advanced Settings” have been added to your applications. Now on choosing that you can see the following window.

Advanced Settings Gnome Tweak tool

This window displays a number of options to customize your Gnome 3 Desktop. You can click on the sidebar to display the options and the number of ways you can customize your system.

Using this you can manage the Desktop, the options include letting the file manager handle the Desktop and adding some important shortcuts to the desktop. You can also manage the system fonts, Themes and the Windows display etc.

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