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Kon-Boot Free Edition :- Bypass windows Xp login

Window Xp HackPassword protection is the most basic way to secure your account in Windows Xp. Recently I have written an article on a weak point or possible vulnerability caused due to  negligence of the system administrator. This hack is just a possibility but will not ensure complete success every time ( of course when the system administrator isn’t negligent enough ). Now here comes the importance of Kon-Boot which can be used to hack into  Windows Operating System. This software is not considered as a hack for windows but since it bypasses windows login screen, it can be used to hack into you Windows system.

This interesting piece of software, that can be used to bypass login in any Windows version is not a free software, but a Free version of Kon-Boot is also available that can be used to hack into windows Xp and Vista (32 bit version only). The non free version supports Windows Xp, Vista and 7 (both 32 nd 64 bit versions). It really requires no expertise or experience in using this software. The only “advanced skill” required to use this software is, just know how to change the boot priority of devices or how to boot from CD / DVD. If you know how to change boot priority of devices or how to boot from CD / DVD and a CD in which a Kon-Boot disc image have been burned, then you have all the necessary skills and tools required to hack into anyone’s computer running on Windows Xp.

Windows Login Screen Before Kon-Boot

Steps To Hack using Kon-Boot

  1. Download Kon-boot iso disk image and burn it into a CD / DVD.
  2. Insert the disk into the drive and boot from the disc and you are done hacking into the system.

KonBoot Boot Screen while booting from Kon-Boot CD

Press enter key to advance to the next screen after you get the screen above.


After you get the screen above the windows will load normally the users list and Clicking on any user will not prompt you for any passwords

Logging into the user without any password

Hacking with Kon-Boot does not does not mean that you are doing any permanent damage or modification to the system software. Any change made are temporary and once the system is restarted, the system is restored to its initial state. What Kon-Boot does is just bypassing the login screen in windows.

Advanced options in Kon-Boot include privilage escalation, i.e. it enables the hacker to login as Guest and have super user (Administrator) privileges. The small size of the disc also enables booting from Floppy Disc and also from USB. The major advantages of this Free Edition of Kon-Boot is that it is the easiest password bypassing tool since it require no advanced skills in computing and it works with 32 bit versions of Windows Xp, Vista. The most important advantage of this software is that no one will ever know that you were in their system… 🙂

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