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Matriux – Fully featured Security Distribution

matriuxMatriux is a fully featured opensource security distribution which has a lot of applications meant for  penetration testing, ethical hacking, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. Although the Matruix arsenal contains less tools (I think) than the most acclaimed security distribution like the Back-Track Linux, its developers have taken special care to make things a lot more easier and so more easy to use (doesn’t mean easy to install). Matriux comes with KDE desktop environment which add to the beauty of the distribution. Packed with security tools, Matriux will be another option for vulnerability testing and cyber forensics.

Apart from the good looks and easiness in handling as a live OS, Installing this operating system in the system happened to be a bit nightmare because the installer is bit difficult to be dealt with (May be my lack of experience) . But this distribution can be used as a live distribution without much difficulty.

The version I am  using is Matriux Ec-Centric.

login screen

The snapshot of the login screen is shown above and the default username and password of Matriux is

Username :  root
Password :  toor

desktop screenshot

Matriux has an extremely good looking desktop and the applications are well organised. With more than 300 applications packed in its arsenal, Matriux could be another option for the information security experts and analysts

Matriux arsenal

Installing Matriux in the system is different from other linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.

installerEven though installing this OS in the system require some advanced system experience, it is a good option for live operating system and is packed with a lot of applications that could be useful for a professional hacker or an information security expert or anyone who is interested in computer security and vulnerability analysis.

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