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Netcut – Tool to control your network

NetcutNetcut is a powerful network monitoring tool that works on the LAN and WiFi. Netcut helps to administer your local network based on ARP Protocol. The main use of this tool is to control the network i.e. switch on and off internet to any device connected to the network. It is very easy to use and supports on Windows operating system.

Control your network

This piece of software could be used by network administrators to manage their network and bandwidth by controlling the number of users.

Cutting a device from network using Netcut

Removing access to a device in the network using Netcut is very easy as it requires few clicks of mouse.

  1. Select the device from the list of devices shown. This list contains all the devices connected to that network.
  2. Click the “Cut off” button and wait for the status to display “off”.

RECONNECTING the cut NETWORK using netcut

This will also take only a few clicks.

  1. Select the device whose network status is shown off.
  2. Click on the “Resume” button to resume the network to that device.

Other Features

  • Change MAC – This feature is commonly used by hackers to change their MAC id to a random value so that they cannot be traced.
  • Determine Brand – This feature enables us to find the brand of the product so that identification of the particular user becomes easier. This feature require Internet connection.

As newer and newer versions of this tool is released, it comes with added features and options.

These features make NetCut a favorite tool for simple hacking experiments,more over using this tool is extremely easy and simple. 

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