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How to Install and Use Gnome Tweak Tool in Linux

Gnome Logo

Gnome Tweak Tool is a simple tool which can be used to customize the Gnome 3 Desktop Environment. Here is how you can Install it in different Operating Systems.

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Mail client configurations for common email providers.

email client coniguration

Managing your email accounts using an email client like Windows live, Evolution or Outlook is the easiest way to keep your mails organised. Here are the configurations for some of the common email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

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XVidCap – Screen recording tool for Linux


XVidcap is a simple screen capture tool for Linux that can be used record your screen. It can operate in two different modes and it also supports command line operation.

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How to add custom project folder in Eagle Control Panel.

Eagle Icon

Eagle is the electronic CAD software used by most of the linux users. Here is how you can add custom project folder in Eagle Control Panel.

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How to copy SAM file.

Windows Hack

SAM file contains windows passwords in encrypted format. Windows Operating System prevents copying SAM file. Here is how you can copy SAM file from your system.

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How to add ATrpms repository to fedora ?


ATrpms is an rpm repository containing packages for Fedora and Red Hat based systems. Here is how you can install it into your system.

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Solution for Error in Avast Engine : Invalid Argument – Avast Linux

Avast Icon

This is how to solve “An error in avast! engine: Invalid argument”, the error occurring after the update of its database

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Send Mail Using php

Send html mail using php

The mail() function php is a simple way to send automated mail replies and other mail responses to user activities directly from the script.

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How to take Screenshot using GIMP Image Editor ?

gimp icon

GIMP is one among the most popular free and opensource image manipulation program, which is even recommended as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop for Beginners. GIMP being a free and opensource application and provides many functionality required for an image manipulation tool, is the major reason for the popularity of GIMP. Apart from being a good image editing […]

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Is it really safe to save your passwords in browser?

browser security

Most browsers offer to save your passwords when you log into your favorite online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other online account. Before saving your password in your browser have you ever thought of the security issues associated with it. In my opinion your accounts and passwords will be safe until someone has physical access […]

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