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Process Hacker – Multipurpose Process Viewer

Process HackerProcess Hacker is a multipurpose process viewer. This tool could assist you with debugging, system monitoring, malware detection etc. It is an extremely superb, feature packed piece of software that can be used to manage processes and services running on your computer. When compared to the task manager in windows, which is the common process management tool, this tool has a lot of advanced features. The major advantage of this tool when compared to task manager in windows is that it is not bound to any process protection i.e. it could bypass any process protection. Using this tool we could terminate, suspend, restart or resume any process. The brief description of all the running processes helps to identify if the running process is a malware or not. It also displays all the network connections, services and disk usage information on all processes.

Process Hacker

Some of the key features of Process hacker are

  1. View processes in a tree view with highlighting, showing all the processes running on the system.

  1. Detailed system information view with graphs, giving a full idea CPU, Memory, I/O, GPU, Disk and Memory usages.

  2. It has many advanced features like detaching from debuggers, viewing GDI handles, viewing heaps, injecting and unloading DLLs, and more.

  3. Powerful process termination that bypasses security software and rootkits, which enables it to terminate, restart or resume absolutely any processes that is running on you system.

  4. View, edit and control services, including those not shown by the Services console.

  5. View and close network connections and also use advanced network tools like whois, traceroute and ping.

  6. It can also be used to edit service properties, view service dependencies and dependents and also view and edit service security descriptors.

Process Hacker

On comparing with the windows task manager,

  1. It has all the functions of the task manager with some advanced features.

  2. Process hacker shows detailed process information as well as allows privileges to be enabled or disabled.

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