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Is it really safe to save your passwords in browser?

browser securityMost browsers offer to save your passwords when you log into your favorite online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other online account. Before saving your password in your browser have you ever thought of the security issues associated with it. In my opinion your accounts and passwords will be safe until someone has physical access to your system.

Now you may have the following question in mind.

How will someone see the passwords typed into the password field?

The answer to the above question is very simple. If you know a little html you can see what you have written in the password field. Here is how you can do that

In Chrome

In google chrome get to the html view of the password field by right clicking on the object nd select “Inspect Element”

selecting inspect element in chrome

On selecting the inspect element, the html code also will be displayed

inspect element in chrome

Search for the input tag of type password i.e. in code it may look like

<input type=”password” name=”anyname” id=”anyid”>

Change the type=”password” to type=”text” and now you can see what is typed in the password field.

viewing password in chrome

in firefox

The procedure to view html code is same in Firefox also, you have to select inspect element from the menu appearing after right clicking on the password field.

Inspect element in firefox

If the code didn’t appear click on the Markup Panel and it will display the html as in chrome.

Markup Panel

Now look for input tag of type password in the code

Inspect element in FireFox

Now change type=”password” to type=”text” and you will be able to see what s typed in the password field.

viewng password in Firefox


In Internet explorer pressing F12 function key displays the Developers window whch displays the value entered in the input field.

Developer tools in Explorer

Now you know how to view passwords typed into the password field in different browsers. What if someone sees the passwords automatically appear in the password field and they know this very simple trick.

If the above situation occurs, then it will cause a major risk in your security since the “bad guy” is getting your username and password.

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