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How to take Screenshot using GIMP Image Editor ?

gimp iconGIMP is one among the most popular free and opensource image manipulation program, which is even recommended as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop for Beginners. GIMP being a free and opensource application and provides many functionality required for an image manipulation tool, is the major reason for the popularity of GIMP. Apart from being a good image editing software or a photo retouching tool, it provides many other functionality by default and its functionality can be further extended by executing certain scripts.

One of the hidden (not commonly used) potential of GIMP is its ability to take snapshot of the screen or an active window. It can be used to take snapshot of screen that cannot be performed using normal print screen button. For example in Fedora Print Screen button will not work when the right click options or Menu options are being displayed and in most cases this software is very useful to take snapshot when the normal print screen button is helpless.

Here is how you can take a snapshot using GIMP.

  1. Go to the File Menu in GIMP and go to “Create” and select the “Screenshot…” option.Screenshot in GIMP
  2. Select the area of the screen you want to capture in the Screenshot options window.
  3. Set the delay after which the snapshot has to be taken.Screenshot in GIMP

The area of the screen to be captured could be a single window or the entire screen or you can select a region of screen you wish to take screenshot.

If your selected option is to capture a single window, then click on the window you wish to capture after the delay time yo specify. If you choose to take a snapshot of the entire screen, then the snapshot will be automatically taken after the delay time. If the option you choose is a specific region on the screen, then select the region to be captured by dragging the mouse over the screen after the delay time.

In some cases you may not be able to use the first and the third option, but the second option can be used to capture screenshot any time.

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