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How can I shutdown my Windows Xp quickly.?

Windows Xp according to me is an ageing Operating System, as the “age” of this Operating System increases, its performance decreases. The major effects of this changes are found while the system boots up and when it shuts down. As the system gets more and more older, the time taken for both booting and shutting down will increase. The boot up performance of the system can be improved to an extend by disabling unwanted start up processes. Even though this method doesn’t guarantee a noticeable change but some difference can be observed. But here the question is

Are you bored with the time required to shut down windows Xp….?

If yes here is a simple way to power down your system very quicky. By this method, my test system took less than 6 seconds to completely power down. Here is how it has to be done

  1. press ctrl+alt+delete so that it displays task manager.Shutdown Windows quickly
  2. From the Menu of the Task Manager choose shutdown.Shutdown Windows quickly
  3. In the drop down list click on the Turn Off option while holding down the Ctrl key in the keyboard.Shutdown Windows quickly

Pressing down the Ctrl key while clicking on the Turn off option is mandatory, otherwise the system will follow the normal shutdown procedure.

The above method will turnoff your computer in seconds (6 seconds in my case). I am really confused with using this method to power down the system and pressing down the power button of the system because both methods take almost the same amount of time.

The above worked only with Windows Xp and did not work on any other higher versions (higher than Xp) of windows. If you have any additional input to this method or if this method could harm your system please leave a comment. I haven’t encountered any troubles after using this technique.

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