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Shutter – Advanced screenshot tool for Linux

Shutter iconShutter is an advanced, feature rich screenshot and annotation tool for Linux. Apart from taking a screenshot it offers advanced options to edit the screenshot you have taken. It also offers a simple and easy method to

The user interface of shutter is very simple and easy to use.

shutter main window

The main window of shutter provides options to capture the selected area from desktop or to capture a selected or active window or any desktop (in case you have multiple desktop). The screenshot can also be taken after a sely which can be manually specified.

Installing Shutter

In Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other debian based systems, it can be installed by typing the following command in the terminal.

sudo apt-get install shutter

In Fedora, CentOs and other rpm based sytems, it can be installed by typing the following command in the terminal.

sudo yum install shutter

Taking Screenshot in Shutter

Screenshots can be captured using shutter without any difficulty. If you have chosen to take the screenshot of a section of screen, first you have to specify the delay in the bottom of the main window and click on the selection button in the menu bar.

Now you can draw the region on screen to be captured and after drawing the section to be captured, press enter button. The selected region will be captured after the specified delay.

screenshot in shutter

Annotations in Shutter

Once the screenshots are captured, each of the screenshots captured will be displayed on separate tabs. After selecting the image to be edited, press the edit button so that the selected image will open in the Shutter Drawing Tool.

Shutter Drawing Tool

The Shutter Drawing Tool provides all the basic options of a simple image editor which enables you to add text and draw basic shapes and do much more in the screenshot you have captured.

Editing in Shutter Drawing Tool

When the editing is complete, you can save changes to the screenshot.

Annotations in Shutter

The main advantage of using shutter is that it provides an inbuilt drawing tool which enables the annotations to be made easily. This tool also helps in capturing screenshots which otherwise cannot be obtained using normal print screen button. It is also more handy and easy than using advanced image editors like Gimp to capture your screen.

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