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Simple Hack For Microsoft Windows Xp.

Window Xp HackMicrosoft Windows Xp have been a favorite operating system for beginner level users. The easiness in using it and the availability of large number of applications that suits every requirement makes it most suitable for the beginners. The major disadvantage of Xp is its security loop holes that can be exploited by the viruses and hackers to attack and compermise your data and vital information. Now here is a loophole in this operating system caused due to the negligence of the system Administrator.

When you try to log into Xp, What will you do if you find that all the users have password for their account?.

Well if you see that the user “Administrator” is not displayed in the users list, there is hope for a chance to hack into the system. The user “Administrator” is not displayed when there is one another account with administrator privileges.

So here is what you have to do get full control of the system.

Start the Windows Xp normally as you always do and wait for the screen that displays the uses list.

Hack Window Xp

Now press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice, and it displays the following window were the users can manually type the username of the account to which he has to log in.

Hack Windows

Type in “Administrator” (without quotes) in the username field and leave the password field blank.

If you are lucky enough that the system administrator might not have set a password for the Administrator account which should be set while installing the system (In most cases it is not set after installing the system because the “Administrator” account will be hidden if there is another account with administrator privileges.

If you are that lucky, now you are the system administrator and other user accounts are at your mercy. Because “Administrator” is a super privileged account in Windows Xp.

Xp Hack

Prevention From this Hack

As I said earlier, this issue occurs due to the negligence of the system administrator. This issue can be avoided at the first place, if you enter the password for the administrator when asked for, while installing the system.

Now if you haven’t done that you have to log in as administrator by following the above steps and set a password for your account from the “Users and Accounts” in the “Control Panel”, but the only thing is that you should be the first one log into the system before the hackers. Because once the hacker got control of your “Administrator” account, he can manipulate your computer in any ways since the super user “Administrator” is even capable of deleting accounts with administrator privileges. The attacker can even manipulate your system remotely.

So be quick, the quick little fox always wins this race… 🙂 

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