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Solution for Error in Avast Engine : Invalid Argument – Avast Linux

Avast IconThis error occurs in Avast Linux Edition after its virus database is updated. This error occurs because the kernel is not set to manage huge chunks of file ( in this case virus database ) at a time, ie the shared memory segment is not large enough to handle the large file. The update of the virus database have increased the size of the database and it is so large that the shared memory segment is not large enough to handle them all at a time. It displays a warning message as shown below saying, Unable to initialize avast engine. 

Error in Avast Engine

So what we have to do to troubleshoot this error is, to change the size of the shared memory segment. The command to troubleshoot this error is

sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=<size of memory in bytes>

If you are unable to determine the size required, just copy and paste the following command. The following command worked in my case.

sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=100000000

sysctl – is the command used to change system parameters at run-time.

-w – This option is used to change the sysctl settings.

shmmax  – is the parameter  used to define maximum size of the shared memory segment.

The basic purpose of the above command is to change the maximum size of the shared memory.

The current value of shmmax can be determined by executing the following command.

cat /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

The default value of shmmax is 32 MB and its mximum size possible is 4 GB.

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