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How to add “Open in Terminal” to Nautilus options?

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Ubuntu comes with its default file manger Nautilus. By default the “Open in Terminal” option don’t appear in the folder. This is a tutorial on how to install “Open in Terminal” extension to Nautilus.

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Add Google search to search engine list of Firefox in Linux Mint

The default search engines available in linux mint are Yahoo, Startpage, DuckDuckgo, Amazon and WikidediaHere are some step by step instructions provided on how to add google to the search engine list of Firefox in Linux Mint.

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How to install Google Chrome in Fedora 20 (Heisenbug)

Fedora 2 (Heisenbug) comes along with a number of applications to choose from, but Google chrome is not in the list. Follow these steps to install google chrome using the yum package manager

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Matriux – Fully featured Security Distribution


Matriux is a fully featured security distribution, packed with applications that are very suitable for professional hackers, information security experts etc.

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Shutter – Advanced screenshot tool for Linux

Shutter icon

Shutter is an advanced but light weight screenshot and annotations tool in Linux. It provides a number of features and options to customize screenshot. Here is how you can install and use it in your Linux system

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GParted Live


GParted Live is a debian based live Operating System whose main feature are its partitioning and recovery tools. This OS is the final word for all your partitioning requirements.

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Back Track – Highest rated Penetration Testing Distribution

backtrack linux

Back Track Linux is a high rated security distribution of Linux which is commonly called as Hackers OS. It has a lot of hacking and Cracking tools, network analyzers, scanning tools installed in it for real world penetration testing and hacking experiments.

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Axel – The command line download accelerator for Linux

Axel download Manager

Axel is a simple command line download accelerator for Linux. Here are some of its features, options and tips to help you download faster.

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How to Install and Use Gnome Tweak Tool in Linux

Gnome Logo

Gnome Tweak Tool is a simple tool which can be used to customize the Gnome 3 Desktop Environment. Here is how you can Install it in different Operating Systems.

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XVidCap – Screen recording tool for Linux


XVidcap is a simple screen capture tool for Linux that can be used record your screen. It can operate in two different modes and it also supports command line operation.

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