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How to add “Open in Terminal” to Nautilus options?

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Ubuntu comes with its default file manger Nautilus. By default the “Open in Terminal” option don’t appear in the folder. This is a tutorial on how to install “Open in Terminal” extension to Nautilus.

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Add Google search to search engine list of Firefox in Linux Mint

The default search engines available in linux mint are Yahoo, Startpage, DuckDuckgo, Amazon and WikidediaHere are some step by step instructions provided on how to add google to the search engine list of Firefox in Linux Mint.

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How to install Google Chrome in Fedora 20 (Heisenbug)

Fedora 2 (Heisenbug) comes along with a number of applications to choose from, but Google chrome is not in the list. Follow these steps to install google chrome using the yum package manager

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Generate Random Password using php

password security

A highly secure password is the simplest way to protect your online accounts and other information. Here is how to make a simple password suggestion tool in php which generates random password making it difficult to guess.

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How to Password Protect a web Directory

password security

Using a password to lock a web directory is the simplest way to protect it from unauthorized access. Here is how you can protect a web directory using htaccess and htpasswd file.

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How to display Power off options in Gnome 3 users menu

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Gnome 3 is the latest version of Gnome desktop environment. It comes with lot of improved features and options than ts previous versions. Here is how you can replace normal suspend option and add power off option to users menu.

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How to use hosts file to block a website or its services?

Block Websites using Hosts file

Blocking some websites or ads and cookies provided by them will very significantly improve your browsing speed and reduce the loading time in your browser. Here is how you can use hosts file to block certain websites and its services.

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Mail client configurations for common email providers.

email client coniguration

Managing your email accounts using an email client like Windows live, Evolution or Outlook is the easiest way to keep your mails organised. Here are the configurations for some of the common email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

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How to add custom project folder in Eagle Control Panel.

Eagle Icon

Eagle is the electronic CAD software used by most of the linux users. Here is how you can add custom project folder in Eagle Control Panel.

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How to copy SAM file.

Windows Hack

SAM file contains windows passwords in encrypted format. Windows Operating System prevents copying SAM file. Here is how you can copy SAM file from your system.

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