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TuxCut – NetCut like Program for Linux

TuxCut - NetCut like application for LinuxTuxCut is a NetCut like application for Linux. It can be used as a simple tool to identify systems connected to your network and switch on or off their internet connection so that the bandwidth can be regulated. TuxCut also has a very simple interface like that of NetCut and also got features like changing the MAC id like that in NetCut. It can also protect you from such attacks. TuxCut thus comes out as a good replacement of NetCut for Linux users.

Tuxcut depends on various other tools or packages to get this work done. They are

1.   nmap(for versions upto 3) / arp-scan (for versions 3.1 and higher) – They are tools used mainly for system discovery and fingerprinting.

  • Nmap uses raw IP packets to determine what hosts are available on a network, what services are running on these hosts, what operating system it uses, what type of firewall it uses etc.
  • arp-scan sends ARP requests to specified IP addresses, and displays any responses that are received from the network. It helps you in system discovery and fingerprinting IP hosts using the arp-fingerprint tool.

2.   iproute – which is basically a network traffic control tool

3.   dsniff – is a collection of tools for network auditing and also used for penetration testing.

4.   arptables – they are used to set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of ARP packet filter rules in the Linux kernel.

5.  beesu (for fedora users) – enables TuxCut  to “be su” or run as root.

The interface of TuxCut is so simple that it does not require advanced skills or experience in Linux to use it.

TuxCut interface

It provides with a list of devices that are connected to the network and options associated with it in a very simple manner. This software not only could be used to disconnect internet connection ofother users in the network but it can also protect us from similar attacks done by exploiting the ARP protocol, by setting ARP rules. This program can also be used to change the MAC id of the device.

The About window gives the list of packages that are essential for TuxCut operation and it also explains what have to be done if you are attacked by an application like NetCut.

About TuxCut. Net cut protection in Linux

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