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UNetbootin – Live USB creator

unetbootin iconUNetbootin is a free software that allows you to create bootable live USB drive of your favorite linux distribution. UNetbootin is very small and portable software. It allows you to create bootable  USB from an existing disk image or by downloading a supported distro from the web.


Apart from installing live OS into USB it can also be used to load various system utilities like Parted Magic, SystemRescueCD, Super Grub Disk, Dr.Web Antivirus, F-Secure Rescue CD,  Kaspersky Rescue Disk, BackTrack, Ophcrack, NTPasswd, Smart Boot Manager, FreeDOS etc.

UNetbootin can also install your favorite live distribution on Hard Disk (Frugal Install). This installation is similar to that of installing in a USB drive but the data resides in the Hard Disk. The uninstallation of the Frugal Installation can be done using the Add or Remove Programs.


How UNetbootin Works

For the Live USB creation , UNetbootin extracts the ISO file into your USB drive, generates an appropriate syslinux config file, and makes your USB drive bootable using syslinux.

For the frugal install, UNetbootin uses a Windows or Linux-based installer to install a small modification to the bootloader and uses the bootloader to boot the desired distribution’s installer or to load the system utility without CD. After the distribution has been installed, the modification to the bootloader is undone.

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