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virustotal – free online virus scanner

Virustotal logoAll of you might be thinking what is the point in having an online virus scanning tool. When we are looking for an antivirus software or removal tool which can provide real time protection to our system, and most of the antiviruses perform that task in the best way they could, then what is the point in having an Online Virus scanning Tool.

Well, I asked the above questions to myself when I heard about this tool. But I have submitted a few files and have dealt with some conditions where I was sure that the file I was having is a virus and my antivirus says no. Or f you are using a Linux Operating system and need to confirm if an exe fle you have is a vrus o not. This was the point of time when I realized the importance of this tool.

Virustotal is a free online virus scanning tool where you can upload suspicious files which you have downloaded from the internet or a suspicious file found in your usb drive. You can analyze fles of size upto 32MB. This tool scans the file using database of a number of Anti Virus and so we can be sure about the file to be a malware or not.

virustotal Home Page

 The home page is very simple and it shows only a file input box where you can choose the file to be scanned.

The scanner scans the file and gives you very detailed information about the file and also it provides an information about the antivirus software’s which will identify your file as a virus.

virus total analysing file

Virus Total scan results

The detection ratio here says that out of the 45 virus databases of different antiviruses  40 of them identified this file as a malware. You can also manually submit your reviews and comments about this file and also rate this file as harmful or non harmful if you know what it is.

This tool also provides option to scan suspicious url and websites for malware.

virustotal url scanning tool

The interface of url scanning tool is similar to the file scanner, here you have an input box to input the url to be scanned.

virustotal url scanning result

Apart from these options, Virustotal also has browser extensions fro Mozilla (VTzilla), Chrome (VT chromizer) and Internet Explorer (VTexplorer) to scan internet resources for malware. These extensions provde an additional option in the right click menu to send the url to virustotal, so that you can scan the link before clicking it.

The major advantage of this online tool is that it is free and it uses more than one antivirus engine to scan your files and more than one url scanners to scan your url so that you can be extra sure about their security. Another major advantage of this tool is that it provides a number of submission methods other than the Virustotal website.

Thus Virustotal offers a rght platform for those who are extra cautious about security and malware.

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