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Vista Drive Icon – stylish Vista like Drive icon for Windows Xp

Vista IconMy Computer displays the devices attached to the computer in every Windows version (as far as I know). In Windows Xp, the icons used to display the physical drives just shows that a drive is present. But in Windows Vista, which is the very next version of Windows operating system after Xp, Microsoft introduced a revolutionary way of displaying  more properties associated with drive like, the amount of space that is used and amount of free space available in the drive. This is very useful, since we are always look towards the free space available in the drive than any other other property of the drive.

Drive Icon In Vista

Include this feature into Windows Xp is the aim of this little piece of software. After installation of this software the drive icons of Xp will be replaced by icons with similar appearance to that in Vista and a small display below the drive icon will provide a rough idea of the amount of space used and the remaining space in the drive.

Vista Drive Icon The screenshot above shows how the drive icons will look like after installing Vista Drive Icon.

Installation of this software does not, in any way affect your system. It will just perform a modification to the drive icons

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